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This table shows the shipping fees in our database. They are almost synchronised with the Post Office's postage rates. Will ship by Hong Kong Post. They are for air parcel postal cost of weight up to 2kg, good for shipping one item of JetChopper30.

Current exchange rate: 1 USD to 7.756 Hong Kong dollar.
Current exchange rate: 1 USD to 1 USD

We SHIP TO WORLDWIDE. If destination country was not listed in the table, please inform us at:

Show shipping fee in other currency:
Destination country Shipping fee in USD
Argentina 44.48
Australia 33.14
Austria 33.26
Belgium 38.81
Brazil 44.09
Canada 37.00
Chile 42.16
China 3.87
Columbia 43.32
Denmark 34.30
Estonia (Rep. of) 41.39
Finland 38.94
France 37.52
Germany 41.39
Greece 34.68
Hong Kong SAR 4.51
India 29.40
Indonesia 26.95
Israel 37.26
Italy 33.26
Japan (incl. Ryukyu Islands) 27.08
Korea, South 22.82
Latvia 39.97
Luxembourg 33.01
Malaysia (Peninsular, Sarawak) 19.47
Malaysia (Sabah) 20.37
Maldives (Rep. of) 25.92
Netherlands 35.71
New Zealand 35.84
New Zealand Islands Territories 36.10
Norway 42.42
Philippines 20.63
Puerto Rico 31.98
Romania 39.84
Russia (Russian Federation) 45.64
Samoa (USA Territory) 37.26
Saudi Arabia 30.04
Singapore (Rep. of) 21.02
Slovenia (Rep. of) 35.84
South Africa (Rep. of) 37.91
Spain 36.36
Spanish Terr. of N. Africa 31.59
Sweden 38.81
Switzerland 33.65
Taiwan PRC 24.37
Turkey 35.84
Ukraine 41.13
United Kingdom 37.00
United States 34.94
United States (Hawaii) 29.91
United States (Virgin Islands) 32.62
Venezuela 39.58

We SHIP TO WORLDWIDE. If destination country was not listed in the table, please inform us at:

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